A Fans Club

A Fans Club is a play I have written and produced based on the formation of AFC Wimbledon. The story covers a tumultuous  year from the announcement to move the club 70 miles north in 2001, to the first season as AFC Wimbledon in 2002. 

The script has undergone three iterations and was performed in 2004 and 2005 and due to be performed again in 2020.

Music from the first two shows can be found here.

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Wimbledon Studio Theatre


William Harry as Alan

Darryl Clark as Dave

Gareth Clarke as Eddie

Paula Coyne as Chrisy

Gibb Sutherland as Mr Fran

Jonathan Tanner as Mr Chise & Tommy Eves

Neil Fletcher as Pundit

Alun Armstrong as Mr Big

A Fans Club Band

Peter Hepworth, Lead Vocals

Rikki Borkum, Bass Guitar

Lenin Alegria, Drums

Production Team

Matthew Couper, Writer / Producer

Sally Greig, Director

Peter Wallder, Producer

Chris Barlow, Musical Director

Luke Hodsdon, Lighting Design


AFC Wimbledon

The Stage


I re-wrote large swathes of the play in preparation for a run at the Edinburgh Festival.

The two characters of Fran and Chise were replaced by the football Gods Batz & Choen (taken from ancient Mayan legend).

The music was re-recorded by Sodared (aka the Fans Club band)


Brockley Jack

Wimbledon Theatre

Roman Eagle Lodge, Edinburgh


Mark Homer as Dave

Matt Emery as Alan

Roger Ratajczak as Eddie

Beth Medley as Chrisy

Gavin Woods as Choen (a football God)

Rob Crouch as Batz (a football God)


Matthew Couper, Writer / Producer

Kate Bannister, Director

Chris Barlow, Musical Director

Karl Swinyard, Production Manager

Jen Lunn, Tour Manager

Martin Robinson, Costume Designer

Catherine Walpole, Stage Manager

Stuart Gain, Lighting Designer

Estelle Rickelton, Lighting Designer

A Fans' Club Band (aka Sodared)

Dave Callaghan, bass guitar

Steve Guard, percussion

Wes Goldthorpe, guitar

Chris Barlow, vocals


When Saturday Comes

AFC Wimbledon

2005 cast.jpg