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Below are some of the major projects I have established and delivered.

There is also a dedicated page for the on-going projects I'm delivering:

 Vote Art & A Fans' Club.

You can find information about my employment with the GLA, Southwark Council and Lewisham Council here.


A Fans' Club

A Fans Club is a play I have written and produced based on the formation of AFC Wimbledon. The story covers a tumultuous  year from the announcement to move the club 70 miles north in 2001, to the first season as AFC Wimbledon in 2002. 


Vote Art

Vote Art is an arts initiative inspired by the theme of democracy that uses artwork to encourage people to take part in the democratic process, by placing artwork in the public domain.

Vote Art was established in 2015 with artist Bob & Roberta Smith


Kicks n Flicks

In 2006 I established Kicks n Flicks, the first London Football Film Festival, which screened a range of films at the Curzon Soho.

The festival took place again 2010 at the Short Wave Cinema on Bermondsey Square.


Gallery Below

I was the curator of the Gallery Below at the Cafe Below.

The Gallery features work by the artists I have worked with over the years.

The gallery is now curated by Arts Network